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Bamboo House Built by Bamboo King, Built to Save a Fish House

Bamboo House Built by Bamboo King, Built to Save a Fish House

By Karen CagleSource Reuters A bamboo house that was built by Bambi Kingsbury is one of several examples of sustainable design that will be featured at the Bambí House of Hope exhibition at the London Museum of Modern Art from September 14-17.

The house, built in 2011 and named after the Bamboo Kingsbury, is a series of six bamboo houses that were designed by Kingsbury’s son.

Each house features a central garden with bamboo trees growing in the shade, and each house also features bamboo panels and a wooden roof.

The gardens are also home to several fish ponds and a water feature.

Bamboo houses have been used to help communities in the world’s poorest countries and are seen as a symbol of sustainability, said Victoria O’Neill, the director of the Bamboos House of Happiness and one of the creators of the exhibition.

“The house is an example of sustainable development and sustainable living,” she told Reuters.

“It’s a place where the whole family can get together, where they can have a good meal, and the water is good.”

This is what the world needs to do.

“The exhibition, which opens on Monday, will feature more than 40 of Bambias innovative designs and their sustainable applications.