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Birds House plans to use house parties as a way to teach cats to stay away from cats

Birds House plans to use house parties as a way to teach cats to stay away from cats

A company that aims to teach a flock of feral cats to not bite each other in order to keep them from getting into each others’ homes has unveiled its first indoor cat house plans.

The Birds House app uses a projector and video cameras to record a house party as cats wander around in a “cat-free zone” with their owners, and the birds are then trained to not attack each other.

The idea is that the cats will learn to avoid each other, rather than just trying to get in each others faces.

This could potentially work in the short term, as long as they don’t become habituated to each other’s presence, but for a longer term project, the Birds House is looking to turn the concept into a permanent fixture.

“We believe cats are very capable of learning to avoid being hurt by other cats, so we’re looking at building a cat-free house party,” Birds House founder and CEO Mike Dube told Ars.

“So that if we ever have cats living in our house, they’ll be able to stay safely away from their owners.”

Dube and the Birds house team have been working on the project for a few months now, and their team has already built an indoor cathouse using a few cats and some tools, like a small video camera and projector.

In the past, the CatsHouse project has been used to teach other species how to navigate through open spaces, but the goal with the BirdsHouse is to turn this into something practical, something cats can use to keep themselves safe and healthy.

The main idea behind the Birdshouse is to build a place for cats to live together, where they can stay at a safe distance from one another, and where they learn to work together as a team.

“Our goal is to bring these cats into a community of people, where cats will become part of the family,” Dube said.

“That’s the goal of the Birds.

The goal is not just for us to raise money to do this, but to build this community.”

Building an indoor pet house isn’t just about teaching cats to avoid one another.

Dube believes the Birds could potentially have a similar impact on other species, because cats are able to learn to interact with humans through the use of social cues.

“One of the first lessons we learned about the evolution of our species, and humans, is that if a cat gets close to a human, it will learn how to be friendly,” Dubes said.

In other words, if you have cats, they might be good friends.

Cats are also capable of responding to humans through touch.

In order to create a safe and natural environment for cats, the company plans to add a number of different objects and other objects to the house.

One of the most common is a cat toy.

This is a piece of cardboard, which the cats can play with by touching it, but also a mouse, a ball, or a small bird.

Dubes says that the Birds will also add a cat bed, which is designed to be comfortable and provide a safe place for the cats to sleep.

“It will be very much like the cat bed you would see in a house, except that you have a cat in it,” he said.

The company plans on offering more cat toys and accessories, including cat toys, as well as a cat wall that houses a cat couch.

Birds House will also have a dog bed for cats and a cat kitty.

The CatsHouse is currently being designed by a team of artists and designers, and will be finished in the coming months.

For now, the project is still a concept, but Dube says he has some ideas for how to make the Birds more permanent.

“If the cats keep coming, we’ll probably have a lot of them, so if the Birds are successful, we want to put them up there in the wild,” he told Ars, noting that they might even build a “cage” out of cat toys to make it permanent.