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Blueprints house of Anubis to be named after a real house

Blueprints house of Anubis to be named after a real house

Big House Sports is proud to announce the new name of its new house of worship, house of the Anubis, which will be named for the house of Osiris in Egypt.

This will mark the first time the house has been named after an ancient Egyptian god.

The new name will be unveiled at Big House’s 40th Anniversary Party at Big Brother Live on August 26 in Los Angeles.

The house will be dedicated to Osiris, the son of Isis and Osiris, and will be housed in the Blueprints of Osiris, which is located at the new Big Brother house of power.

The home is located in a large complex with an estimated 1,300 rooms.

The Blueprints House of Osiris will be a new house, and not a continuation of the Big Brother House of Power.

The building will be located on a prime location with a lot of space available.

The project is currently in its early stages.

The architect and design firm of Zaha Hadid Architects is the architect behind the project, which includes a full-service hotel, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

“We are excited to finally be able to unveil the new Blueprints residence,” said Nicki Guggenheim, Executive Vice President and CEO of Big House, Inc. “Blueprints is a brand that is constantly evolving, and the new house is a great step toward the rebirth of the brand.”

In 2016, the brand announced plans to build a second house, which was initially named the Blueprint House of the King.

The second house is still under construction and will house an estimated 700 rooms and be named the Osiris House of King, and was also slated to be a sequel to the Blueprices House of Justice.

“The Osiris House has always been our first priority, and now we can finally make it happen,” said Gugginheim.

“It’s an honor to be the first to finally bring Osiris to life in our new Blueprint house of justice.”

The new Blueprisons house of king is set to be fully accessible in the fall of 2019.

The first Blueprison house of King was completed in the spring of 2019, and in December 2019, the House of Anu, a new home for the god Osiris, was unveiled in the New Year.

The Osiris House is located within the new House of The King.

Big House is also partnering with The House of Lux to create a suite of suites to honor Osiris and to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Big Brother, which also marks the beginning of the new year.

The suites include a lounge, private dining area, conference room, gym, and a spa.

“Big House is thrilled to celebrate 40 years of Big Game and Big Brother by building suites that honor Osiris,” said Kevin P. Kostelnick, president of Big Dog, Inc., the company responsible for the new suites.

“Our goal with the Osiris suites is to honor and celebrate Osiris and the power he represents, and to bring the Big Game experience to the new houses of power in Los Angels, Hollywood, and Miami.”

Osiris suites will be available for purchase starting in early 2019.

For more information on the Osiris houses, visit the official website.

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