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Craftsman Style House, Hill House in Cork to open next year

Craftsman Style House, Hill House in Cork to open next year

Craftsmen style house will open in Cork’s Hill House, a popular local landmark that has become a popular hangout for Irish travellers.

The restaurant and bar will feature a wide range of seasonal, regional and local cuisine, with an emphasis on Irish, Scottish and British influences.

It will also feature a full bar.

The establishment will open next month and will be owned by Irishman and restaurateur Mark O’Connor.

Mr O’Connors daughter, Rachel O’Connell, will take over the role of managing director.

The Hill House is one of Cork’s most popular venues for socialising.

“This will be a very special place for a number of reasons, but also for the people who come to visit it,” said Mr O ‘Connors.

“I’m really excited to be opening it up next year.

It’s a wonderful place for people to be with friends and families, and it’s also a great place for friends to have a pint and enjoy the views,” he said.

Mr Tulloch said the restaurant was inspired by the “craftsmanship” of local craftsmen.

“The owners of the Hill House have been very proud of the craftsmanship of the building,” he added.

The owner of the shop said the establishment was inspired both by the tradition of craftsmanship and by the history of the area.

“We hope that people will come to the Hillhouse for a pint on a sunny day,” he told the Irish Examiner.

“It will be lovely to see the view through the glass.

We are delighted to be partnering with Mark and the team at the Irish House on this project.”

A number of bars and restaurants in the area have also opened over the years, including a craft pub in Derry.