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Dukes’ house hippo dies in Florida

Dukes’ house hippo dies in Florida

A house hippopotamus died of a heart attack in Florida after he was euthanized, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Thursday.

The 7-foot-tall, 3-pound creature was euthansized by a veterinary staff at the Florida Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the commission said.

The commission, which regulates Florida’s wild animals, said in a news release that the species was found dead on Sunday in an area of the Piney Point Reservoir, about 120 miles southwest of Gainesville, about 150 miles south of Jacksonville.

A veterinarian who examined the animal later determined that it died from heart failure.

The conservancy said it has placed the hippopotam in the care of the Florida Museum of Natural History, which is scheduled to hold its annual exhibit in the spring.