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How the ‘House Hunters’ are cleaning house on the #HipHopHouse tour

How the ‘House Hunters’ are cleaning house on the #HipHopHouse tour

“I think that it’s a good time for hip hop artists, too.

We got a lot of good talent out there.

And I’m just trying to get a hold of all these guys.”

“I’m just kind of a collector, I’m a collector.

And this is what it’s all about, man.”

— The House Hunters, “House Hunters” (2011)The House Hunters are a local hip hop house cleaning crew that have been around since 2012.

The group began as a collection of three house hunters who lived on the streets of Los Angeles.

The members quickly became well known for their hard work, and they have a reputation for cleaning the homes of stars such as Kanye West, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne.

“I’m a house hunter, man,” one of the crew members, Joe, said.

“I don’t really do anything.

I just kind a just go around and help the house hunter.

They’re the ones who clean my house.

I’m not doing anything special.

I’ll be cleaning it.

I clean houses for my parents and my girlfriend.”

“The house hunters are the guys who go around the neighborhoods and knock on people’s doors and say, ‘Hey, you want some water?

We’ve got some water.

We can give you a free bottle of water,'” said co-founder and host, Jadre, a house hunters’ member from New Jersey.

“It’s just about giving back to the community.”

The crew members say that the main goal of the group is to give back to people who have lost their homes to foreclosure, or to help people in need.

In addition to cleaning houses, they also serve as house hunters at music festivals, and at charity events.

The House Hunter crew members have gone on tour with rappers Kanye West and Jay Z to raise money for the American Red Cross and to give out free water and other necessities to homeless people.

However, they say that their most important work is their own, which has allowed them to travel around the world.

They live in the city of New York, where they’ve been doing their best to make friends and help other house hunters in their communities.

One of the members said that their favorite thing about their job is that they have access to everything they need to make a difference, even if they’re just cleaning the house.

“The house hunter is not just cleaning houses for me, they’re cleaning houses and helping other people,” Joe said.

“[It’s] not just getting rid of trash.

It’s not just doing things for the environment.

It just means giving back.”