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How to get the ultimate Japanese house inside your head

How to get the ultimate Japanese house inside your head

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a house made out of Japanese architecture, you might have stumbled upon a Japanese conjuring site that’s actually a lot like it.

The site’s creators, Kansai Studio, say the house is actually their home, and they’re not hiding it.

“Our house is located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo,” the site’s creator wrote in an update to its Facebook page.

“We are in the process of creating a house where the exterior of our house can be seen from the inside.”

You can also rent a replica of Kansa Studio’s house for a fee.

“If you want to know more about this project, we invite you to visit our home and we will be happy to explain more,” the owners wrote.

“The only way to become a part of this project is to visit the site.”

Kansa Studios was founded by two friends who decided to set up their own home in the city after living there for two years, a few months at a time.

The first house was built in a ramshackle house in the middle of the city, but they built it into a beautiful little shrine that is now known as the Shiba Shrine.

It’s a big, open space with a large, glass-enclosed pool, a tree house, and a garden that they call the Garden of the Dreams.

The Shiba House is also called the Garden in Japan.

The studio has a long history, starting in 1999 with a “dream house” in Tokyo’s Shibuyan district.

The house was supposed to house a group of students who were working on their master’s thesis.

Instead, the group ended up spending their time at a ramen restaurant, where the students drank ramen, and then slept in the house for the duration of the thesis.

The students eventually sold the house, but the owners of the site continue to build other houses out of reclaimed wood.

Kansai Studios, which was founded in 1998, has since grown to have over 100 different houses built out of wood.

It now has over 30,000 homes built in Japan, and the studio also builds houses for other Japanese cities.

They also have a “tourist” site called Kansae-Jinbo-Hakuhashi, which allows visitors to explore the site and explore houses built by the studio.

The website has an extensive listing of other houses that the studio has built.

There are two houses in Osaka, two houses on Okinawa, and two houses built in Tokyo.

The studio’s owner also built a large house in Nagoya called Kōkōkai, but it was demolished because of a lack of space.

The most recent house built at Kansakus Studio was completed in 2018, but you can check out the rest of their creations on their site.