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How to play the game with Loud House Characters

How to play the game with Loud House Characters


— For the second straight week, the Loud House Christmas Party is getting a second wind.

The party is set to return to the Louisville area for its third year on Sunday, Dec. 13, at The Music Box in the heart of downtown.

There will be two days of entertainment, food, games and activities that include a family-friendly Christmas parade, a free holiday show, live music and dancing, holiday light displays and more.

The theme this year is “Loud House Characters,” which features live music, Christmas carols and a DJ to bring the holiday spirit to the masses.

The show will be hosted by the Loud Family and the Holiday Tree Music Group, with local DJ/producer Kevin “Lights” Lacy, and will feature performances by local performers including DJ and singer/songwriter Mark C. Koehler, who is also the host of the “Travis Brothers” radio show.

Cars are being delivered to the party, including a Christmas carousel that has been modified to look like the carousel at the holiday party.

The vehicle is equipped with lights, a tree, lights and an animatronic Santa Claus.

Guests will be able to get up close and personal with the characters in the show.

There are also Christmas-themed activities and contests.

The entertainment will be provided by the local Holiday Tree and Music Group.

They will have a Christmas tree decorated with a Santa Claus costume and a live musical performance by a group of local musicians called the Lighthouse Choir.

A Christmas tree light display is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m.

The Holiday Tree will be at The Carousel at The Garage, which will be open for business during the event.

Guests may purchase tickets at the garage for $5 and can bring one vehicle for the event to the event, which is expected to sell out.

Lights, a local singer-songwriter and DJ who is the host and musical director of the holiday light display, said he and his band of friends have put together a music video for the Lighthouses Christmas song that features some of the local musicians.

The video is set for release on Dec. 19.

Light said they are currently filming the video with the intent to release it to the public.

If people are interested in hearing the music video, they can contact Lighthouse Choir at 502-865-2344 or visit lights.org.

The Lighthouse Music Group will also be at the party.

They are scheduled to perform Christmas carol songs and a holiday light show at 7:30 a.m., 8:30 an.m..

and 10:30 am.

Lighthouses performance of “Hail to the King” will begin at 7 p.g.

The song is written and performed by the Lifts, who are a local group of singers.

The carousel will be closed to traffic and will be available for rental for the duration of the event for $8 per day.

The family-oriented holiday light parade will begin with the “Light Up the Sky” music video from The Lighthops.

The Lifts will be performing at 9:30 and 10 p.p.m, followed by a musical performance from The Holiday Tree at 11 p..m.; and a music performance from Lights at 1 a.t.M.

The lights will be lit for the entertainment at the carousels beginning at 1:30, and at the festival’s end, from 1:45 a. m. to 3 a.M., according to a post on the Lights Facebook page.

The “Candy” concert featuring local bands will begin from 10 a.s.m.-1 p.s., and will include live music by The Lights, The Locks, The Lights of Christmas, and the Christmas Carousel.

The concert will be sponsored by The Holidaytree, which has previously hosted performances from the Lift Band and Locks.