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The biggest house in Texas (or at least in the U.S.) is the one Bill Gates owns

The biggest house in Texas (or at least in the U.S.) is the one Bill Gates owns

In a state known for its farmhouses, Bill Gates has a sprawling house on a quiet cul-de-sac in an area known as The Hill House, which is home to his wife, Nancy.

The Hill house is just over 100 square feet and has a total of 18 rooms, including a gym, a dining room, living room, and bathroom.

It was built in 1972, when Gates was a student at the University of Texas at Austin.

It now has 12 bedrooms, three baths, and four full baths.

It’s a nice-looking house with a lot of open space, though it’s not a lot to look at.

Gates owns this beautiful house in Austin, Texas.

The house has lots of open spaces in it, including the basketball court, the tennis courts, and the garden.

It has a great view of Austin, as well as the Hill House.

Gates has lived here for years and has enjoyed visiting it, and he even went on a fishing trip there this year.

He also has his own private golf course.

Gates also owns the nearby mansions of Barton Springs and San Marcos, which are both near Austin.

He owns a couple of other houses in Austin.

Gates says he wants to own every single house in the world.

“I think that’s a crazy idea,” Gates said in an interview with The Hill Times.

“There’s so much space, there’s so many houses, and we need to take care of all these things.

We have to manage everything.”

Gates and his wife Nancy live in Austin’s Hill House for a year and a half.

He has two children, two grandchildren, and a great-grandson.

The two-story house has 18 rooms with all the usual amenities, including an indoor pool, a gymnasium, tennis courts (in addition to the tennis and basketball courts), a kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen.

There’s also a garage for Gates’ cars.

He’s the owner of the golf course at Barton Springs, which was built on a golf course built in 1968.

Gates said he was interested in the golf courses in San Marcos and Barton Springs because they had all of the amenities.

The tennis courts were built on land the couple purchased from the state in the early 1980s.

Gates is a fan of the tennis in San Antonio.

In his book, Gates describes his experience in San Francisco: San Francisco is my favorite place.

The city is just so full of interesting people, amazing restaurants, wonderful art galleries, and great restaurants.

It just seems to me that everyone wants to go to San Francisco.

He said that he’d love to visit the city in the future.

Gates lives in the Hillhouse with his family and he has a pet rabbit.

Gates’ son, Bill, owns the tennis court and the tennis room at Barton Spring.

Gates bought the tennis course and the pool for Barton Springs in 2002.

Bill Gates lives and works in the Austin area.

He and his family live in a two-bedroom house at the Barton Springs Golf Course.

Gates and Gates’ daughter, Jill, are both avid tennis players and both are avid tennis fans.

Jill also has a tennis club in Austin and is an avid tennis player herself.

Gates likes to play tennis in his backyard in Austin as well.

The Barton Springs golf course has tennis courts for all of its courses.

It also has an indoor, grass-covered tennis court.

There are two indoor courts.

Gates enjoys tennis in the summer, but it doesn’t take up much of his time.

Gates spends most of his free time at the Hill house with his wife.

Gates works out at the pool at the Austin City Limits Fitness Center, which has tennis and golf courts.

The fitness center is just a few minutes away from the Hill mansion.

Gates often goes to the Hill and Barton Spring golf courses, and his golf is a favorite.

Gates does his own fitness training at the fitness center.

Gates regularly goes to Barton Springs for his regular training sessions.

Gates uses the Barton Spring fitness center to get in shape.

Gates walks his dog, Pumbaa, and plays tennis at the tennis facility.

Gates usually enjoys a relaxing walk in his yard.

Gates loves playing tennis in Barton Springs.

He enjoys playing tennis, swimming, and golfing in Barton Spring and San Antonio and he loves to swim in the pool.

Gates sometimes plays in the tennis area and enjoys swimming in the Barton springs pool.

He loves swimming in Barton springs.

Gates goes to a lot more tennis courses than he usually does in Austin because of the proximity of the Hill, Barton Springs facilities, and Austin.

The golf course, tennis court, and tennis facility are not close enough for Gates to enjoy a good game.

Gates takes time to walk around Austin and Barton springs with his dogs.

Gates visits Barton Springs every year, but his visits are not frequent enough to keep him busy.

Gates frequently goes