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What is a cute minefield? A minefield for a new anime project

What is a cute minefield? A minefield for a new anime project

Japanese studio Animate is teaming up with a game studio to bring a new series of anime shorts to Netflix.

“Bamboo House,” “Minefield,” and “Annas House” will debut in the fall.

They were created by Animate, a studio founded by the original creators of “Kimi ga Nozomu o Umi ga Nai” (The Cat Returns).

The project is a collaboration between Animate and “Koei Tecmo Studio” (an abbreviation for “Kuroko no Basuke,” the studio behind the Japanese anime series) which is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television.

The shorts, titled “Binomori House,” are set in a fictional village.

A group of students work in the local minefield, and the town’s mayor has a love interest.

The series follows the life of a man named Shinichi, who is a high school student and the resident leader of the minefield.

“Annams House” follows a group of high school girls living in the village.

Their lives are very different from Shinichi’s, but their relationship with each other has some similarities.

The show will air in Japanese Netflix original format, with English subtitles.

The original anime series premiered in 2010.

Animate’s anime projects include “Kuroneko: The Flower Festival,” “Kodomo ni Aru,” and the “The Cat That Became a Lion” project.

Animated is also behind “Ponya no Jikenbo,” “The Seven Deadly Sins,” and other projects.

The company is also producing anime for Netflix in Japan.