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What you need to know about house hippo and the Minecraft house

What you need to know about house hippo and the Minecraft house

A Minecraft house hippopotamus is being used to train wildlife in a zoo in China.

The house hippos, which weigh between 2 and 5 kilograms, are used to help animals get used to the zoo environment.

This means they have to learn how to interact with each other, and learn how the zoo is different from the real world.

The zoo is located in the Shandong province of China and is part of a network of animal parks across the country.

This has been a long-standing partnership between the zoo and the local Chinese government.

The hippos are being trained to play with the zoo’s elephants and other animals.

It is hoped that this will help the hippos improve their communication skills, as well as help them learn to interact and interact with humans.

The Chinese government has a lot of experience in wildlife conservation, and the hippo project has been helping to improve the animal care in China and around the world.

It has also been the focus of an international wildlife sanctuary, which houses over 150 wild hippos.

The sanctuary is also home to many rare and endangered species, including a group of giant pandas.

There are currently about 60 hippos living in the sanctuary, and they have been using their newfound familiarity with the world to train their herd, the China Daily reports.

 A number of animals from the zoo are now using their knowledge to help out the hippopotami in the zoo.

They have been given a “game face” to use, so they can learn new ways of playing.

These new animals have been trained by a local zoo keeper.

They can now walk in the wild, or run into the zoo to help with the herd, which has been trained to follow the herd.