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What’s next for the barrel house?

What’s next for the barrel house?

The barrel house is a house made entirely of barrels, stacked in rows to form a dome and enclosed by a wall of glass.

The house is used by a few different groups, but most people who live in them typically live on a farm or farm-to-table restaurant.

But some groups want to take the concept further, and they’re taking advantage of the space’s potential to create more sustainable housing.

The new house is designed by architect Andrew Gershon.

The concept of the barrel, which is similar to that of a traditional greenhouse, was originally developed by the Swedish company Sysko for the Swedish government.

However, Gershenon has expanded the concept to include a new house designed by architects Daniel Leiter and Alex Deutsch.

The two architects are creating a house that uses the space for a “social space.”

This social space would be a place where the house itself would be designed to function as a home, not a place to rent out.

The architects said in an interview with Designboom that the idea is to make the house more affordable.

“It’s really about taking the barrel as a way of creating a place for people to live in, rather than a place of consumption,” Leiter told Designboo.

The goal is to bring people together and create a place that is truly sustainable.

“The barrel is the foundation that’s being built from,” Leiters told DesignBoom.

“What it creates is a living space that’s very much like a living room.”

The house will be on a site in the Swedish town of Gothenburg.

The developers said that they have a plan to renovate the site and add an additional room that will allow the residents to have a place they can gather together for a meal.

“I think it’s a good place for a social space, to connect with others and share stories, so we’ll see how that goes,” Gersh said.

The building is being built on a piece of land that was once a dairy farm.

The structure will take up around 100 square meters of space, making it the smallest barrel house yet.

The barrels will be placed in a grid, with each barrel attached to the other, and then stacked vertically to form the dome.

The water in the barrels will heat up the water and turn it into electricity, which will then be used to power the house.

The residents will be able to use the house to work and play, and the house will have a roof.

The barrel-house concept was also shown in a previous project by Gersheyn.

In 2014, the architects built a house for the homeless in the Netherlands, but the residents said it was too expensive and unplanned.

They wanted to build a home for the city, and that’s what Gersheli and Deutsch have come up with.

The idea is for the barrels to be filled with a mixture of recyclable materials, like plastics, and a mix of wood and concrete.

The construction will take around 30 hours and cost around 3 million euros.

“We wanted to show that it can be done,” Galsh said of the new barrel house.

“This is the first house in Europe to have this concept, and it’s really cool.”

The barrel houses will be available to rent for between 300 and 1,000 euros per month.

The owners of the house are planning to make more barrels.

“In the future we plan to have many more barrel houses in the future, because we want to build more of them,” Gelsh said, explaining that the goal is not just to make a lot of barrels.

Rather, they want to make sustainable housing in general.

“At the end of the day, we’re all people, we all have different needs, and there are some people who have a lot more resources than others, and we want these to be a resource for them,” he said.

Leiter said that his house will also be built with recycled materials.

He told DesignBoom that he and his team wanted to use reclaimed wood for the structure and that the house is also built with reclaimed steel.

“If you can’t see the difference between a solid and a wood-frame structure, then you’re not a member of the community,” Leitch said.

“You have to choose a material that you can live with.”