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What’s the deal with the creepy house that’s being shown on TV?

What’s the deal with the creepy house that’s being shown on TV?

When it was first announced that The Creepshow would be returning for its fourth season on Discovery Channel, viewers were understandably excited.

The series, which aired on the network in the mid-2000s, featured a haunted house and a paranormal investigation in an attempt to debunk the notion that paranormal phenomena are a real thing.

After airing on the channel in 2015, however, The Creepshows new season, which airs Friday, will be cut to half-hour episodes.

In a statement to EW, the Discovery channel explained that “we have cut our seasons short due to the impact of this season’s episode on the show.”

However, the network was quick to point out that the episode, titled “The Ghost Inside,” was filmed in an abandoned house, and it was only in the past year that Discovery realized the house was haunted.

In the meantime, The Horror is back, as viewers will be able to see the house again in the fall.

“As a Halloween season, this is the most fun we have had with any series,” Discovery President David Shore said in a statement.

“We’ve seen the magic, we’ve seen how the house can make you feel a little scared, and now we’re getting to see how it can make the audience feel scared too.”

According to the network, the house’s ghost was responsible for all the scare noises that viewers heard.

In fact, The Weirdest Thing Happens in Your House: The Haunted House Movie was made with the house in mind, with the series’ creators explaining that the creepy, scary house is the inspiration for their movie.

“When the first film was released, we were blown away by how much the house scared us,” series co-creator John Sutter told EW.

“This house is such a scary, weird, and creepy place that we wanted to make something that would be scary, and weird and creepy in equal measure.

The house was the perfect metaphor for the creepyness of this house.”

“We were scared, but not because of the house.

The scary thing was the house,” Sutter continued.

“That’s why we chose to film in a haunted property.

The whole thing felt so true to the spirit of the haunted house.

That’s why the creepy thing was such a fun idea.”

As for why it was cut to a half-episode, the series was supposed to air at the end of its season, but was forced to cut it after the premiere episode, and the episode was cut for a second time.

Discovery said that while it had previously planned to make an episode for The Creepseries, the “horror of it” took priority over the show’s production schedule.

Discovery did note that there will be no repeats of The Creepships season four premiere episode.

“The show has a lot of fans,” Sutterer told EW, “but we’re not sure they’re going to like what we’re doing.

There are a lot more people out there that want to see more of The Weirdhouse than The CreepShow.”

Watch The Creeps Halloween Special Episode 2 here: