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What’s the deal with the hype house?

What’s the deal with the hype house?

There’s a lot of hype in the house.

It has a massive, open-concept design, a large, red, white and blue bed that is actually on top of the ceiling, and a staircase that takes you down to the kitchen.

The decor looks a lot like a house that would have been made by someone like John Waters.

The home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a basement and an open-plan living room with a big, red curtain wall.

A “Polly” doll sits on the wall.

The house also has a backyard and a huge garden with a tree, a fountain and a big pool.

The “Pollard” house is an “open-plan” home with a pool and a fountain.

(Photo: Mashable)The “House of Pollard,” located in the heart of the city of Portland, has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a basement.

The walls are covered in large red, green and blue “Polls” doll sculptures, each one with its own personality.

The dolls sit on the walls, and there’s also a giant, red and white “Pixie” doll that lives in the basement.

It’s the only doll house on the property.

It is also a very unique design.

“I have a lot more imagination and a lot less restraint than other houses,” resident Rebecca Pollards told Mashable.

“This house is really unique.

It takes place on a lot.

I just thought that it was something that I could do.”

A “Pippi” doll is pictured at the house in Portland, Oregon.

(Credit: Mashability)The Pippi house is one of two houses on the Portland area’s property that houses the “Pussy” doll.

The other is the “Sue the Doll” house in the town of Portland.

Pippi’s house is more modern in design, and the house has a smaller kitchen and a bathroom that are both large and open-ended.

It also has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an entire backyard.

Pollars says she’s been planning this house for almost a year.

She says she got the idea to do it after she read an article about a home in her neighborhood that was also designed like this.

“The Pussy Doll House was a really cool house and I just loved the idea,” she said.

“The house was on the same lot as my neighbor’s house, so I thought, ‘Why not do a house like that?'”

She decided to build a home like that for her husband and their four children.

The Pippi home has a lot going on inside.

“It’s just a really great house,” Pollares said.

It was built on a 1.5 acre property that she bought for $2,500 in 2013.

Polls and Pippi are very passionate about the house, and she says the house is their most important project.

“When I started building this house, it was a lot about my kids and what I wanted to do with them,” she told Mashables.

“We’ve always wanted to have the perfect house for them, and I knew that this house would be perfect for them.”

The house features a living room, kitchen, dining room, a small living area with a shower and a large outdoor pool.

Pools are made of stone and have two big, open drains that are filled with water.

The pool also has four small holes in it.

Pella also has an outdoor deck that includes a pool table and a swimming pool.

She also has one of the most stunning bathrooms in the city.

Polly is also the only “Pella” doll in the home.

Pollards said she built the house because she wanted to give her children something to think about and to make them more aware of the things around them.

“My kids don’t have to go to school,” she explained.

“They can go outside and play.

They have free time and they can explore the world.”

Polls and her husband, Paul, live in a two-story house on an undeveloped lot.

The property is part of the Oregon Land Conservancy.

The two houses are being marketed as an environmentally friendly alternative to big, expensive, and dangerous real estate developments.

The Polls are also selling their house, as well as other houses they own in the area, for a profit.

Polls has been living in the Pippi doll house since March of this year.

“People are always talking about me, and that house,” she added.

“A lot of people want to buy the house.”

Polls said she is looking for an investment, and has put together a fund to help pay for the house and her children.

She said that it took her more than six months to build the house so it was more than just a dream.

“I had no money, and so I built it myself,” she recalled.

“When I saw the house I was like