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White House cleaning services hire 2,000 people to clean Trump’s mansion

White House cleaning services hire 2,000 people to clean Trump’s mansion

A White House cleaner is expected to start working on the White House’s new home-cleaning services, including removing debris and removing the president’s name from walls.

The services will cost $7,500 per person, and the new services are expected to be up and running by the end of March.

White House chief of staff John Kelly said the new service was designed to make the new White House feel more welcoming.

“The cleaning, of course, will be part of the celebration,” Kelly told ABC News.

“It will be the first thing people will be able to see and hear about that we’re not just going to put up a white curtain and say it’s the new house.”

The services are part of a new White Houses new home cleaning program, which includes removing debris, removing the name of the president, and removing walls and windows.

“We are not just putting up a curtain and saying it’s just the new home,” Kelly said.

“This is a celebration.

And we’re going to celebrate the change, we’re really going to have a great celebration.”

The president’s house, however, is still being renovated.

“They are going to be renovating it,” Kelly explained.

“I think they’ll be working on it this year.

We don’t know exactly when they’re going start work on the house, but they’re doing a lot of work to make it more welcoming.”

The new service will also include new cleaning items such as vacuum cleaners, hand towels, and vacuum pads.

“There will be a vacuum cleaner for the president that’s going to come out of the new washing machine,” Kelly continued.

“So they’re cleaning the house.

They’re going back and forth from washing machine to washing machine, to cleaning.

So that will be one of the things they’re looking at doing with the new cleaning services.”

Kelly also said the president has asked for help with his house’s plumbing and electrical.

“And that is something we are really looking into,” Kelly noted.

“But that’s something we’re also looking at.”

The White House is also looking to make its new home more accessible for the general public.

“People are going out there, they’re moving around the house,” Kelly added.

“A lot of the furniture, the kitchen, the dining room, you know, the entire house is going to look a little different.

We’re going into a brand new house.

And that is going be really exciting for people.”

The home of President Donald Trump will be home to a new homecleaning service, including cleaning, removing debris.

The service is expected start in March.

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