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Why does the Tea Party hate the House?

Why does the Tea Party hate the House?

The tea party has become a major player in Washington.

It’s led a dozen bills to pass in the House and Senate, but it’s also the most powerful force in the Senate, holding more than a dozen votes in the upper chamber.

Its members have spent months holding hearings and organizing rallies on Capitol Hill, and the movement has made some of its most significant policy decisions.

Here are some of the big ideas that have dominated the agenda.1.

Stop funding abortion.

The tea partiers are pushing for a ban on abortion funding.

They’re pushing to strip funds from Planned Parenthood, and they’re proposing a budget for the year that would cut more than $600 million from Planned, including money for its clinics, medical and reproductive services, and education programs.

They say the abortion funds are funding abortions in the U.S. as much as two million a year.2.

End the sequester.

They’ve been pushing for cuts in military spending and a reduction in the nation’s $2 trillion national debt.

But their biggest push is the sequesters, which are scheduled to start in October.

They want the sequestered money to stop being used for defense spending, but also to end all the sequests of discretionary spending, including Medicare and Social Security.3.

Expand voting rights.

The Tea Party is pushing for more election access for the poor and the disenfranchised, and it’s pressuring lawmakers to end restrictions on the right to vote.

But many Tea Party supporters, including President Donald Trump, are opposed to expanding voting rights to minorities, who are disproportionately represented in congressional districts.4.

Protect voting rights in states with a history of voting discrimination.

The most powerful and consistent voice in the tea party is the state legislature.

And since its formation in 2010, the Tea Partiers have led a coalition of more than 60 Republican-controlled states in efforts to pass restrictive voting laws.

But in recent years, many states have passed laws requiring voters to show photo identification, restrict the number of early voting days and other restrictions that have been seen as disproportionately impacting minority voters.5.

End voter suppression.

The groups have been calling for voter ID laws and other measures to prevent people from voting because of their race or other factors.

The laws are used in a variety of states, including North Carolina and Wisconsin, and in states that are predominantly Republican, including Texas, Florida and Virginia.

They are often called “code reds” in the media, but the groups have said the measures are needed to stop voter fraud.6.

Stop the TPP.

The group has also been pushing to cut off trade agreements that it believes are unfair to workers.

Its latest push is to pass a trade bill, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with Democratic support.

The trade agreement would include 12 nations in the Pacific Rim and 11 in the Atlantic.7.

Stop Obama’s health care reform.

The health care law is the biggest issue for many Tea Parties, and for good reason.

The law is popular and supported by many Republicans, but many Democrats and even some liberals oppose it.

Some Tea Partys argue that the law is too much of a burden for the American people, while others say the health care reforms have too many provisions that aren’t designed to meet the needs of the American health care system.8.

Stop a trade war with China.

The biggest issue facing the tea parties is trade.

The movement has called for ending the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and other trade deals with China, saying the deals hurt American workers and businesses.

The anti-trade groups, led by the trade group America First Policies, have pushed for a veto over any trade agreement.

But the anti-TPP group American Action Network has also pushed for the Senate to pass legislation to block the trade agreement and a presidential veto over Obama’s trade actions.9.

Expand student debt.

The student debt crisis is the most visible part of the movement, and there’s been a lot of talk about making college more affordable and free.

But a number of Tea Partying groups are pushing to raise student debt levels to the point where people can no longer afford to attend college.

The Student Debt Crisis Coalition has called on lawmakers to extend federal loans, and Americans for Prosperity, a conservative nonprofit group that is backed by the Koch brothers, has argued that higher education should be a “free market system” that would make colleges more competitive.10.

Stop federal health care mandates.

The government is spending billions of dollars to pay for Medicare, Medicaid and other health care programs.

But some of those programs, like the Affordable Care Act, are funded entirely through tax credits.

So many TeaParties argue that higher taxes on the wealthy, especially on the richest Americans, will lead to the government shutting down, and that it should instead fund health care.

That means cutting taxes on corporations and individuals, while also increasing taxes on health care, to cover the higher cost of the health system.11.

End gun rights.

Guns are a powerful part of gun culture