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Why is it time to get a house?

Why is it time to get a house?

I mean, there’s no denying that we’ve got a lot of empty houses around here, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have plenty of houses for people to call home.

We’ve got lots of homes that we love to own, like this one.

This one was actually built by a woman named Anna.

Anna’s a native of Brooklyn.

She’s been renting out her home in Brooklyn for years and now she has her own house to call her own. 

She has a nice little backyard. 

Anna’s been here for years.

And when I first moved here, Anna was a little kid. 

I was living in a place called St. Petersburg, Florida.

I lived in a one-bedroom apartment.

And I was living with my grandmother, who was a nurse.

She was really nice to me.

I was very much her baby.

She had three boys.

And she’d always been very nice to us. 

But she was also very worried about my health.

And her health was declining.

So, we had an argument about whether or not to let her move in with me.

And then one day, we went out to dinner and I got a call from my grandma, who said, “I’m so glad that Anna moved in with us.

I just can’t take her to a doctor.”

So, I called my grandma.

I said, “Mom, I’m so sorry.

I can’t go to a physician.

I’m not going to have a doctor check me.”

She said, Well, then I’ll have to go to Anna.

“So I called Anna, and she was like, “Mom, we need to have our doctor check us.

But don’t worry, we’re going to be OK.

“So we got to Annan’s house and she had a doctor come in and they took my doctor’s notes, and then they gave me my prescription and I was able to get my medicine.

So I was OK. 

And then, one day I came back home and my grandmother had a stroke and I couldn’t walk.

So she went in and took me out and she couldn’t do anything for me.

She died.

And that’s how I found Annan.

I started dating Annan, and we got married in a ceremony in her backyard.

Annan is a real sweetheart.

I love her very much.

And we have a beautiful little house that we call the Annan House. 

The Annan house is full of all kinds of things. 

Here are a few. 

A couple of them are decorative things that Annan loves. 

There’s a big, ornate tree in the yard that she loves to climb. 

So she’ll be climbing that tree and then, like, jumping over it, and I’ll be like, ‘Oh, you’re climbing a tree!’

And she’ll just be like ‘No, I can climb a tree.’

So she’ll put me down and I’m just going to go,  ‘I can climb the tree!’ 

There are also things that are in the house that Annam’s a real big fan of. 

When we moved into this house, Annam had already got this one of these fancy little wine glasses, and the glass had a little piece of fabric on the end. 

These are just some of the things she likes to have in her house.

She has an enormous collection of art. 

In the Annam house, we have this giant rug that Annaman got for her birthday. 

We have a huge stuffed tiger in here. 

It’s a huge, huge tiger.

I think it’s about seven feet tall.

It has a little red ribbon on the bottom. 

My grandma and I used to ride this horse around here for a long time. 

On a couple of occasions, we’d get on and ride this tiger.

And one day we went up on the roof and, you know, she was watching us and the tiger started freaking out.

And it came down on top of us and started biting us.

So it’s a really big tiger. 

Annie loves the old movie “Memento.” 

There is a big old fireplace that is still glowing. 

You know, that was in the movie Memento.

It’s got the big red, black, white, and green lights. 

That’s a great fireplace. 

 And there are a lot more of these things that I’ve never seen in the whole world. 

For instance, we’ve had a lot in the past year or two of a lot.

So there are these big white things that come out of the ceiling.

And they’re all in the form of a big ball.

And you can see all of them. 

What a great place to be. 

One of Annams favorite hobbies is watching TV shows.