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Why the French are freaking out over Chicken House’s new French fry

Why the French are freaking out over Chicken House’s new French fry

French fries aren’t the only things going up in France.

In France, we’re hearing about all sorts of new things as the country prepares to celebrate Bastille Day.

The country has seen a rise in obesity rates and a sharp rise in diabetes.

Now the French government is preparing to make a major statement.

A new french fry restaurant is opening in the capital, Paris, and the French president is taking it seriously.

“This new restaurant is very important, because it will serve a very important message: food is not a luxury, food is a necessity,” President Emmanuel Macron said.

The French president says he’s hoping to make the first French fry restaurant in the country a “living laboratory.”

The French fry is a classic French recipe, with a sweet, buttery coating.

But in France, people have been calling it the “chicken house” for a long time.

That’s because French fry recipes have long been considered a luxury.

The chicken is often removed and used as a dipping sauce.

“The chicken house has been a favorite for a very long time in France,” said Marie-Pierre Pichot, an assistant professor of food and culture at the Sorbonne University.

The new restaurant in Paris is called Chicken House, and it’s slated to open this fall.

The owners have created an atmosphere of the French countryside, with wood beams, cobblestones and colorful flowers.

The restaurant will serve traditional French cuisine.

Chicken House plans to offer the first french fry restaurants in the United States and Europe, as well as a vegan version.

But it’s also going to be the first of its kind in France and it will take its name from a French slang word for fried chicken.

“In France, the word chicken is very, very old,” Pichots said.

“It was not a name of a dish but rather of a person, so it’s a dish that we will bring to France.”

The word chicken has been around since at least the Middle Ages, Pichotes said.

In the late 1800s, the French introduced a new kind of fried chicken, one made from pork, fish, beef and chicken.

Today, French people call the dish the “souvlaki,” a kind of chicken with the skin removed.

But the French have also traditionally made fried chicken by removing the skin and frying it in a frying pan until crispy.

“If you look at the French, they’re very, VERY careful with the cooking,” Pischot said.

French people have long had a fondness for fried things, even though they’re usually not considered very healthy.

According to a 2014 study by the European Food Safety Authority, fried chicken has a fat content of just 12 grams per 100 grams of cooked chicken.

Chicken in France comes in all sorts, from chicken breasts to fried chicken legs and wings.

Pichotos says the French love the spicy, sweet taste of chicken.

He also says he and his co-owners have always had a strong interest in French cuisine, so they’ve decided to start with chicken and expand to other dishes.

Chicken is also one of the few ingredients that has not changed much in France over the years.

“There are very few things that we’re really fond of in France that we don’t like,” Pochot said, “because we’ve always been in love with the food.”

The restaurant is also opening with a menu that includes chicken, a few salads, bread, cheese, and a drink called the “tres cotes,” which is a blend of lemonade and lemon juice.

The menu will be available for purchase for a limited time.

Chicken will be served for $40.

It’s the first fried chicken restaurant in France in more than 30 years, and Pichoto said it’s important that people are encouraged to try the new French food.

“I’m hoping to give French people a chance to experience this new cuisine for themselves,” he said.