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Why the tiny house craze is finally here

Why the tiny house craze is finally here

From the inside of a tiny house, it’s hard to imagine living in an apartment, even if you’re an artist.

Tiny houses have always been a niche form of living, one that many of us have embraced and enjoyed, but in 2017, the idea of living in a tiny home became a more mainstream trend.

These homes offer something much more spacious, and the space is incredibly easy to live in.

Many people have taken to making their own tiny house from scratch, and Tiny House Week has become a yearly event, with thousands of tiny houses being built.

And in 2018, Tiny House Magazine will celebrate the life of a Tiny House Artist, sharing her personal stories and sharing her art.

We asked Tiny House artist and author of Tiny House Guide, Emily Johnson to talk to us about her experiences living in her tiny house.