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You don’t have to be a waffle maker to enjoy a waffles night

You don’t have to be a waffle maker to enjoy a waffles night

The waffle is one of those iconic British dishes that you might have heard of but don’t really know what to do with.

But there’s a lot you can do with it, as we’ve been sharing with you this week.

Here’s how to make your own waffles.

Read moreWhat’s the waffle?

A waffle consists of two pancakes made from ground oats, flour and water.

They are dipped in a syrup and cooked until soft and fluffy, which are then served with a topping of yoghurt or honey.

It’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion or get your family together for a wiffleball party.

The recipe for a traditional waffle was first published in the 1850s and was described as being like a widdle pie and with a wisp of dough in the middle.

The ingredients:A batch of oats to make the waffles (about 3kg)Flour of your choice (like all flour you use is fine)A tablespoon of honey or yoghurth or honey and yogham (a kind of honey-based condiment)A teaspoon of saltA pinch of cinnamonWhat to eat at the partyYou can eat these at the wiffles for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but they’re particularly great at a wagyu waffle.

They’re usually served with waffles, cheese and yoagurt.

Waffles are a popular and healthy dessert to enjoy at wifflers.

They can be served with fresh fruit or a mix of fruit and jam.